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Elegantly engineered to celebrate our 80th anniversary

GB5 craftsmanship, adorned with special anniversary panels.

Like the GB5, a dynamic preheater assembly ensures that water entering the coffee boiler is precisely 170 degrees F. 170 degree F water replaces hot water exiting the group, reducing temperature swings in the coffee boiler. An algorithm-based PID temperature controller further reduces temperature fluctuation in the coffee boiler. A group cap designed by Piero Bambi and an integrated ruby flow restrictor reduces channeling and ensures that water never leaves the saturated area of the coffee boiler; this eliminates the introduction of temperature instability during the brewing process.

Additional information

Groups and Voltage

2 Group Semi Automatic (EE), 3 Group Semi Automatic EE (+2000), 4 Group Semi Automatic (EE) (+3800), 2 Group Mechanical Paddle (MP) (+1400), 3 Gr Mechanical Paddle (MP) (+3700), 4 Group Mechanical Paddle (MP) (+6100), 2 Group Auto Volumetric (AV) (+2600), 3 Group Auto Volumetric (AV) (+6000), 4 Group Auto Volumetric (AV) (+8700)

Color Options

Stock Color – Red, Custom Colors (Excludes Stainless Steel Base) (+650)

Water Filtration Options: Required

Supply Your Own, Everpure ESO-7 Espresso Filter (+187.50), Everpure SO 24 Water Softener (+150.00)

Instal Pod Adapter Kit

None Needed, 1 Group, 2 Group, 3 Group, 4 Group


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