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Designed for the modern cafe, with input from baristas

The most technologically advanced traditional espresso machine featuring a barista-friendly design.

A lower profile invites customer engagement in a café setting, while also providing the barista an open, expansive work area.The Strada platform has been designed to encourage creativity and customization so that each machine can be unique.

Additional information

Groups and Voltage

2 Group Semi-Automatic (EE), 3 Group Semi Automatic (EE) (+1600), 2 Group Mechanical Paddle (MP), 3 Group Mechanical Paddle (MP) (+1600), 2 Group Automatic Volumetric (AV) (+$1900), 3 Group Automatic Volumetric (AV) (+ $3700), 2 Group Electronic Paddle (EP) (+$4200), 3 Group Electronic Paddle (EP) (+ $8400)

Color Options

Stock Color, EE, MP, AV Custom Colors (back panel, side panel) (+$650), EP Custom Color (back panel, excludes coating glass side panels) (+ $650)

Water Filtration Options: Required

Supply Your Own, Everpure ESO-7 Espresso Filter (+$187.50), Everpure SO-24 Water Softener (+ $150)

Instal Pod Adapter Kit

1 Group, 2 Group, 3 Group, 4 Group


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