• Schaerer Ambiente PS


    Operational Advantages
    • Push-button operation allows even a novice to make
    great cappuccinos or lattes
    • Steam wand with auto shut-off guarantees consistent,
    accurate milk temperature and allows operator
    freedom to multi task
    • Steam wand accommodates multiple types of milk
    • Dual boilers allow simultaneous milk steaming and
    espresso dispensing
    • Clear digital display reduces training time and potential
    for error
    • Reminders can be programmed for maintenance
    activities such as cleaning and water softener
    changes, increasing operational life and reducing
    maintenance costs
    • Dual bean hoppers with dedicated grinders for multiple
    bean types (regular, decaf, different roasts)
    • Automated cleaning cycle takes only 5 minutes
    • Steams 32oz (1Ltr) of milk in 1 minute
    • 70-80 cappuccinos/lattes per hour (16oz / ½Ltr cup)
    Programming Flexibility
    • 10 programmable selections
    • Ability for 2 separate steam wand auto shut-off
    temperatures for customer preferences
    • 6 separate volume settings for drink selection
    • Grind, tamp and brew settings are programmable for
    each espresso selection
    • Technical diagnostics menu for authorized service
    • 208V, 30 Amperes
    • 17”/432mm (W) x 21”/534mm (D) x 27”/690mm (H)
    • 6kW steam boiler
    • 3kW hot water boiler
    • Performance capacity indicative in nature
    the powersteam
    Dual Bean
    Shot Delivery
    Auto Shut-Off
    Steam Wand
    Only 17 Inches

    Ambiente Spec Sheet